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We know when you come to Samoa you will need to travel around the island and see it for yourself - dictating your own travel plans, where and when you should visit different spots, locations or just a tour around the coast of Savai'i.

That is why we made sure you have access to a vehicle and since you booked with Jet Over Hotel we also have a car rental service - yes you get everything in one place.

Savai'i offers more than the geographic mass, it is filled with sites to be discovered. Here at Jet Over Hotel car rental, we are prepared to accomodate your need for transportation by making sure our vehicles area reliable and fit to hit the road anytime.

We have a full range of vehicles to choose from. From as small as a Getz to as big as a 15 seater minibus, we have it all. And it gets better; if you book a room with us you get a discount on your car.