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Only at Jet Over Hotel where you can experience it all. Come join us by booking your accomodation with Jet Over Hotel.

Enjoy various activities at Jet Over Hotel. We have an area for children to play. Kayak for those who enjoy a paddle around the lagoon.

Need time to think and meditate, our outside area is surrounded with greenery cascading a unique feel and exposure that can soothe the troubled soul.

Each room has a mini-kitchen, with a microwave, a mini fridge, a table and other needed amenities. This particular mini-kitchen is part of the Sea View suite. It is situated just below the rooms upstairs.

From breakfast to dinner: you'll relish the dishes prepared by our well trained chefs. All of our kitchen staff have been trained to APTC levels and are happy to talk to you about the dishes on all of our menus.

Our rooms and suites on a beachfront in Savaii can effortlessly redefine comfort, produce extraordinary experiences, serve by indigenous polynesian Samoans and receive a forefront cultural experience.

Tired of running around during the days tours, now remember we have the most comfortable beds on island. Take a nap in the afternoon before dinner, your energy will be renewed in no time and you will be ready for another day of advanture.

We have earned a top reputation among Samoa's best restaurants for serving innovative cuisine in a picturesque setting. The restaurant is proof that fine dining can indeed blend well with Samoa's casual island style.