Sports & Recreation

Water sports

If you enjoy time in or on the water we have just what you need. We have a pool and access to the lagoon. If you prefer to stay dry why not hire a kayak or book a trip on our sightseeing boat.

We can also arrange diving trips from introductory dives to full time instructor courses. There is an instructor fee. We can provide these for you upon request.

Dive Savaii, snorkel Savaii whatever your choice will be, we are here for you. The vast island of Savaii can offer you a unique perspective from its most untouch places.

We have the following now: 1) volleyball, 2) snorkeling and fishing, 3) kayaking, 4) weaving with coconut palm of hats, fans, blinds, thatch, mailo for food, baskets, 5) daily shuttle run to Market for shopping and town area ride, 6) massage and facials, 7) gym, 8) ‘umu’ making.

The Tour: A trip around Savaii

We are bringing to you a more inclusive tour. Instead of racing round looking at sites with a tour guide droning on in the background with dates and names you will never remember, we’ll get involved in your tour.

Your participation doubles the fun.

A Day in Savaii without spending the night tour

From Apia to Savaii

"A day in Savaii" An early start (4:30am) will see you picked up from your Apia Hotel. We can collect from Aggies Resort if you like about 45 minutes later (or anywhere in between) straight out and onto the ferry. First boat at 6am so arriving in Savaii around 7:20am.

Once in Savaii, you can see and feel it is a different enviornment altogether. A much more lay back, cleaner and friendlier environment. You will have the chance to haggle with the fishermen as you buy your own lunch. What you buy is what you eat, so make sure to drive a hard bargain.

We then move on to the oasis of the Jet Over Hotel. Here we make the umu. It is the Samoan oven and how they bake their food in a delicious desirable manner.

You will help prepare for the umu by cracking the coconuts, squeezing the cream, make the palusami (luau), wrap your fish or chicken with clean banana leaves and then we wait until the umu is ready to receive the food.

As we wait for the fire to burn down, you can take a break with tea and coffee served with scones or muffins fresh from our commercial kitchen. At this point, one of our local weavers will show you the finer points of how to weave a basket out of coconut leaves. Weaving is a fine tradition and part of our survivor in the islands. It is a critical part of any Samoa family. We can teach you to Weave your own hat or a fan, a souvenir to take home.

Once the fire has burned down, you can help the local boys load food onto the hot rocks and cover it with more banana leaves. We then wait for an hour for it to cook.

While we wait for the umu to cook, we go see the reef of Savaii. The small boat will take us to the reef to snorkel. There is no better way to swim with the turtles than experience it in the ocean. Most people find snorkelling a peaceful exercise. It relaxes and calms the mind and a whole world of creatures unravels.

We will take a couple of Kayaks for the less abled swimmers and for fun paddlings around the reef.

For your safety, we have fully qualified rescue swimmer trained with Australian standards. They will be with the group the whole time while out at sea.

If you are not a strong swimmer or fond of the water please do let us know. As an alternative to the reef, we can take you down to experience the famous blowholes of Samoa on the other side of the island of Savaii.


The umu is ready we go back to Jet Over Hotel for lunch. Taste the luau you wrapped and partake of many other Samoan cuisine that you helped prepared during the umu.

You can then relax around the pool, swim and enjoy a couple of cocktails. Give sometime for all that nice food you ate to settle.

Back to Apia

Now, it is time to head back to the ferry back to Apia. By now, you are tired but a rewarding tour with some great tales to tell and a fan/hat to show your mates as proof that it is not just a nice story.

How much?

For such a tour it is only SAT$300 per person with a minimum of 4 individuals. All transportation costs are included. For food, you can buy your own fish during the stop at the market to wrap for the umu for our lunch, we provide the rest. If you are not a fan of fish, you can buy meat; whatever your preference. The tour guide can help you get what you need for this trip.

Remember, it is a day's tour, we pick you up from you hotels in Apia and bring you to our piece of paradise for an experience you will never forget and then we take you back to your hotel catching the last ferry across.